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Health & Disability Insurance

Purchasing health insurance may be one of the smartest decisions a person ever makes. Like many other insurance types, you don’t need health insurance until you need it – and if you don’t have it, it may be too late to get it. When you need high quality health insurance, let the knowledgeable and friendly agents at Gateway Insurance Network help you find the right solution.

We are an independent insurance agency with years of experience helping our customers find the right health and disability insurance.

We offer three basic kinds of health / disability insurance:

  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
    Pays you direct monthly benefits in as little as 30 days that can last up to retirement age if you become too sick or hurt to work.
  • Critical Illness Insurance
    Pays you a direct lump-sum benefit up to $75,000 if you are diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, stroke, or another covered critical illness.
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance
    Pays you direct weekly benefits that can start immediately and last up to 2 years if you become too sick or hurt to work. 

Contact us to find out what kind of health insurance is right for you!

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